Party and meetingroom

Rödsön Poro-Pirtti is located about 6 km’s from the center of Kokkola in a peaceful countryside. The room accommodates up to 60 people, and during the summer time the space may be expanded, so the amount is nearly 100 people. Besides we have an old barn from the 18th century with a traditional finnish sauna built inside. Our reindeer and goats pasture right next to the barn.

Furnishings includes 12 large tables, bath chairs and bar racks. The space has been renovated from an old barn while retaining the atmospheric old look. There is also a video projector and a screen as well as music playback tools. We also offer full party arrangementservices, such as food and decorations.



Wedding and other celebrations

The space creates a unique setting for small weddings, christenings, birthdays or other celebrations. The room accommodates about 60 people and is located away from the busy city life, but less than 10 minutes drive from the center of Kokkola.

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Meetings, fairs and other events

Due to its location, the place is perfect for workplace meetings and workplace wellbeing days. It is also possible to arrive by cycling or skiing due to a ski slope which goes next to the Poro-Pirtti leading up to the sea. You may ask us content for workplace wellbeing days.

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Tourist packages

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The reindeers and goats of Poro-Pirtti live as family pets and love people’s attention. They are friendly and especially children’s favourites. Animals pasture near Poro-Pirtti.

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